jueves, 22 de septiembre de 2011

Red Door: Entrevista a LUPI por el Tejedor en...Nueva York.

L.U.P.I, which stands for “La Unica Puerta a la Izquierda” (the only door to the right), is one of those projects you immediatly fall in love with once they cross your way. This one came in the way of a friend of a friend who wanted some camera help for their documentation process. And so I met Juanje at the fantastic “blackhole” I always end up at (and never remember leaving), a bar that has been my hiding place for the past couple of years. Rainy summer day at Terraza bar, and the beers bring forth a delicious conversation…such is the life of a worldthreader. Next to me is Juanje Sanz, a photographer and writer of great skills and creative will, who has recently arrived from Spain to work, interview, and document, the work of 17 LatinAmerican Poets residing in New York, ...

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